Tree to Bottle

A Difference You Can Taste.

When it comes to providing you with the truest, freshest coconut water taste, we leave nothing to chance. From the way we nurture each coconut tree, to the way we bottle Obrigado premium 100% coconut water, we do things differently.

Our Story, in a Nutshell

We own our own trees – hundreds of thousands of them – on our farms in Conde, in beautiful Bahia, Brazil. From the time it is planted, each tree has its own bar code that allows our expert Aristas to monitor and nurture it. This mean that each tree is given the precise amount of water and nutrients it needs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We also control the entire production process, with our own employees in our own bottling facility right on the farm. Every one of our 500 plus employees is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, best tasting coconut water available.

Because older coconuts just don't have that pure, fresh coconut water taste, we harvest our coconuts when they are young and green. To ensure the fresh, pure taste we developed a patented process to extract the coconut water so it’s never exposed to oxygen or light (which can alter the taste). So when you open a bottle of Obrigado premium 100% coconut water, it tastes like you’re drinking straight from the coconut.