Does Obrigado Coconut Water contain added sugar, preservatives or GMOs?

No, Obrigado is 100% pure coconut water. We would never add sugar, flavorings or preservatives, or use GMOs.

Is Obrigado made from concentrate?

Obrigado is never made from concentrate. Obrigado is pure, premium 100% coconut water that goes directly from the coconut to the bottle, right on our farm, for the absolute freshest taste.

Does Obrigado buy coconuts from other countries?

We believe that Bahia, Brazil provides the ideal climate and land on which to grow the best tasting coconuts. That’s why we bottle Obrigado coconut water exclusively from coconuts grown in Bahia. In fact, we grow and harvest coconuts on our own farms in Bahia. This allows us to guarantee the highest possible quality and best tasting coconut water available, and to adhere to naturally fair trade practices.

Why can’t I find Obrigado in a store near me?

We are partnering with more and more retailers every day and plan to be in stores throughout the U.S. soon.